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Gaining Entry

If you need to gain entry to your property, because of lost keys, locked out, damaged or faulty locks or any other emergency, we can professionally and reliably regain entry to your property using non destructive and no hassle methods. We are based near Beccles serving the Norfolk and Suffolk areas.

Non-Destructive Entry

Our services are ideal for situations where you may have lost your keys or perhaps you are locked out. We can get you back into your property using non-destructive methods without damaging the lock itself. In addition, we can cut new keys for you to replace lost ones.

Norfolk Suffolk Locksmith Non Destructive Entry Lost Keys, Locked Out, Faulty Lock

Safe Opening

If you find yourself locked out of your safe, perhaps due to lost keys or inheriting valuables from a family member, we can help. Our locksmiths have many years experience cracking all kinds of safes, both digitally locked and the more traditional mechanical combination locks. Alternatively, if your safe requires a key, we are capable of picking the lock in a non-destructive manner, ensuring that your valuables and the safe remain in good condition. Thereafter, we can even provide replacement keys with our key cutting service.

Contact us today if you need emergency access to a lock with missing or broken keys.